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We love food and cooking.  We believe both should be enjoyed healthly.  This is our food resouce we hope you enjoy.  Better Living Through Cookery 

Our Story

Our Begining

Paul who started Good Healthy Eats did so because he only really did bad unhealthy eats.  Until his bad eats and broader poor lifestyle choices made him ill.  Very ill infact.

He was hospitalised and got a fright.  The Drs told him if he didn’t change his diet and lifestyle it would kill him eventually. 

So instead of living off takeaways with a side serving of booze with zero excercise as standard.  He changed everything.

So out went the menus and in came the cookbooks, excercise replaced drinking.  Did everything change quickly?  No.  There was much trial and many an error. 

Eventually however thing started to come good.  With help from friends previously considered weird for their healthyness he started to embrace a new good, healthy and happy life.

So with afor mentioned friends Goodhealthyeats.com began.

The story continues

Apparently variety is the spice of life.  Apologies for the pun but we do have variety in our team.

We have a couple of chefs, a restrauntour, a nurse, a nightclub owner, car salesman, a banker and an electrician.

As I’m sure you’ll have noticed they don’t all work with food in their day jobs.  They all love good food and are passionate about their cookery. 

Send us your better living through cookery stories