Low Fat

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Low Fat Recipes

Lots of people follow a low fat diet for a number of reasons including health and weight management.  Low fat does not equate to low flavour and here are some of our favourite low fat Good Healthy Eats.

Chicken Pasta Salad

Throw together this quick and easy pasta salad using leftover chicken, tomatoes and greens for a protein-packed lunch or midweek dinner that is low salt, low fat low calorie and delicious.


Mushroom Bolognese

Check out our vegan bolognese, with just 6g fat per portion. This version of a family favourite uses mushrooms and plenty of veg, making it a healthy meal that everyone will love.


Vegan Fajita Bowl with Cauliflower Rice

Do you love Mexican food?

Our vegan fajita bowl with cauli rice is quick, easy to make, and full of flavour.


Tuscan Pork Steaks

This recipe for Tuscan pork steaks ticks all the boxes. It’s low in calories, fat (under 5g per portion), sugar and salt, and is high in protein. Plus, it’s packed with flavour.